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Paris Hilton Burglar Gets 2 Years in Prison


Paris Hilton can rest easy for at least 14 more months, as the man who tried to break into her home wielding two large knives is sentenced to two years in prison.

Nathan Lee Parada, 32, who has already spent about 10 months behind bars since being arrested at the socialite’s Los Angeles home last August, was convicted by a jury of one count of attempted first-degree residential burglary and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Michael Kellogg likewise recommended that Parada receive mental health counseling while in prison.
Hilton testified during Parada’s trial about being awaken early August 24 to the sound of Parada banging on her home’s window with a knife.

Thanks to then boyfriend Cy Waits who came to Paris’ rescue with a gun in hand, Parada was quickly apprehended.

Parada, for his part, did not deny the allegation and even told a detective he planned to steal as much as he could carry and move to a deserted island.

It was Parada’s defense attorney who argued that Parada had not taken antidepressant medication for days leading to his arrest.

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