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Aaron Carter: Michael Jackson Gave Me Cocaine and Alcohol


Aaron Carter, fresh out of rehab and hoping to resurrect his music career made some serious allegations today against the late King of Pop Michael Jackson (who must be turning in his grave right now, but may he rest in peace).

Carter claims Michael Jackson gave him cocaine and alcohol when he was 15.

In an interview for Australia’s OK! magazine, Aaron, who is now 23, said: “I never talked about it… This is the first time. I do… I miss Michael… I have spent such incredible times with him. I did things with him that nobody else did… But I was also troubled about what he did to me.

“Yes, he gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15.

“He gave me cocaine. I felt weird about that and other stuff… We spoke afterwards, hours and hours, on the phone. I admired Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot. Then my mother called the police…”

I believe Carter gave no explanation as to why he is opening up about this only now, when the man he is accusing of wrong-doing can no longer defend himself.

Perhaps, the new album he is working on can shed some light on this. As his manager Johnny Wright said, “Several months ago Aaron came to me to help him return to music and to restart his career.

I’m not contesting the veracity of his accusation against Michael Jackson, the gloved one has always weird-ed me out, it is just the timing is highly suspicious.

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  1. cristina says:

    Ma che dite!!! questo è un articolo vecchio di 4 anni , è un articolo del 2011 … non ci provate …adesso basta !! stop

  2. Kitty says:

    That’s old news was this recsent I remember that he said that 2 years ago to TMZ them recanted mj gave him wine but never said he gave him drugs


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