What has Sushmita Sen Been Up To


Remember Sushmita Sen?

Miss Universe watchers will surely know her, she of the “What for you is the essence of being a woman” fame. No doubt a daunting and mind-numbing question, which is why it is still being asked of candidates today as they prepare for whatever pageant they will compete in.

But, after winning the Miss Universe crown back in 1994, what has Sushmita Sen been up to?

About a month back, Miss Universe turned-actress-turned-entrepreneur, Sushmita Sen was seen attending superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s party at his Bandra residence.

Now a mother to two adopted girls, Sushmita said she is finally ready to have children of her own.

She said, “I’d still say that I’m ready to have biological children. The only problem is that I have to find a man to suit the title of father. But trust me, birthing is a process I want to experience. I know that my body clock is ticking, but I think a woman has good chances of conceiving till she is 42 years of age… so I keep telling myself that I still have some time to go.”

When not ‘actively’ looking for the father of her would be child, Sushmita says she is busy with launching a chain of spas, running an events firm and occasionally looking at scripts.

More importantly, Sushmita is also deeply involved in finding the best candidate to represent India at the Miss Universe pageant, through her competition I Am She.

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