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Tom Cruise Sleeping in a ‘Snoratorium’


Did you know that loud snoring has been found out to be one of the major reasons otherwise happily married couples are getting divorced or are separating?

If you are not married or have not experienced sleeping with a loud snorer, this fact may seem trivial or even funny to you.

But believe me, snoring is not a laughing matter for couples. Aside from the serious health implications snoring is associated with, it can really wreck havoc on a relationship. If you still don’t believe me, try getting some restful sleep while having someone beside you whose snoring can be likened to a broken train horn. I am telling you it will make you want to kick that person off the bed or better yet, you would rather sleep in the other room.

Tom Cruise, a self-confessed snorer, probably knows how it feels to be sleep-deprived or how annoying it is to be awakened in the middle of the night by your spouse’s uncontrollably loud snoring, so he does not want this kind of sufferring for his wife, Katie Holmes.

This is why 49-year-old snorer Tom Cruise has converted one of his guest bedrooms into a sound-proof ‘snoratorium’, so that Katie can get a sound and restful sleep.

The ‘snoratorium’ in Cruise’s Hollywood home is said to be towards the back of the property and whoever sleeps there cannot be heard outside the locked door.

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