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Will she or Won’t she: Maria Shriver on Writing a Tell-All on Arnold


This Maria Shriver-Arnold Schwarzenegger saga is getting better everyday that someone ought to make a movie or a stage play out of it.

First he wins several bodybuilding titles; makes a name for himself as an action star; he pursues her a scion of a known political clan who has managed to make a name for herself in journalism; they get married; have kids; stayed married for a quarter of a century; he enters into politics; he wins with her all-out support; he finishes his term quietly; then drops a bomb of an admission that he fathered their house-helper’s son; they separate; he begs her to take him back; she does not and instead files the divorce papers to make it legal and official — and best of all she stands to get $100 million of his estimated $300 million assets while keeping her own $100 million safe and sound.

How is that for a movie plot? Not really as action packed as ‘The War of the Roses’ but the juicy details are enough to get people hooked to it.

If not a movie or a stage play, maybe Maria will agree to a tell-all book on her 25-year marriage to former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reports have it that Maria is being pursued by book publishers with offers going as high as $15 million just to get her to write it. Factor in the royalties from the sales of the book and my head is spinning from adding up the figures.

And, Maria is not a novice writer. She has already written six bestselling books. If she decides to write this tell-all on Arnold, you can be sure the writing quality will be top-notch.

However, there is no indication yet whether Maria will agree to writing a tell-all. After all she does not really need the $15 million. She is getting $100 million from Arnold remember?

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