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Paris Hilton Stalker Arrested


What is with Paris Hilton and stalkers and burglars? Are they so enamored by her that they could not stay away despite a restraining order, or do they believe she has that much money that they can actually get their hands on some if they manage to set foot on her property?

Just a few weeks ago, the man who tried to burglarize Paris by ‘loudly’ banging on her window (yeah, that really makes him a ‘pro’ at burglary) was sentenced to two years in prison and some medical counseling.
This time around, a certified Paris Hilton-stalker gets arrested and lands in jail and needs a $20,000 bail to get out (good luck with that fella).

Police arrested James Rainford around 4:30pm last Monday after a beach-goer recognized him as he was seen peeking inside the 30-year-old reality star’s two-storey Malibu beach house.

According to a statement by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, operators were alerted to a “suspicious person standing on the beach.”
“The caller stated he believed the suspicious person was the man he recently saw on the news, who attacked Miss Hilton’s male acquaintance.”

“Deputies identified the suspect as James Rainford and determined a valid restraining order prohibiting him from being within 200 yards of Miss Hilton or her residence was in effect.”

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