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Selena Gomez Tries to Live a Normal Life


Ever since Selena Gomez’ name got attached with Justin Bieber’s, her world has turned upside down, so to speak.

While she tries to live a ‘normal life’, there really is nothing ‘normal’ to not being able to surf the internet or read magazines because of all the hate and negativity being thrown at her for simply being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend.

I remember reading about all the death threats this once well-loved Disney star was getting when news broke out that she and Justin were dating. Talk about jealous and hateful ‘Bieliebers’!

According to reports, Gomez has been the target of nasty online comments by some of the infuriated Bieber devotees ever since they admitted to being a couple. It has gotten so out of hand that Selena has resolved to distance herself from surfing the net and reading gossip magazines.

She was quoted as telling the Daily Star, “It’s weird, it’s just weird, but I don’t pay attention to it, I just try to live my life as normal as possible.

“I just like to not focus on what the whole world is saying about me and just be happy with myself.

Gomez adds, “I try to not read magazines or the Internet but it’s obviously unavoidable. I mean, it’s everywhere, so there are moments where I read things that hurt my feelings.

“But not most of the time. I don’t surround my life with magazines or the internet.”

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    you two forms the perfect couple
    I hope you are together forever


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