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Andrew Keegan Tasered at Own House Party


Andrew Keegan, best known for the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, had an encounter with the police Saturday because of a house party Keegan was having.

Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan

Keegan, who also starred in 7th Heaven, was having a party at Marina Del Ray when the police came and asked him to turn down the music. Several witnesses reported that Keegan refused and became very aggressive. He was then tasered because of his being “uncooperative.” He was eventually released according to law enforcers who denied placing Keegan under arrest.

Many witnesses to the event attest that Keegan was tasered. Law enforcements, however, deny this and pointed out that if they did, they are required to take him to a medical facility. Keegan explained that he was cooperative when asked to turn down the music, even asking how the cops and him could work together. He further commented on the encounter with the following statement “I always cooperate with the authorities and am confused by the show of force.”

Someone close to the actor disclosed that Keegan was “very shaken up” by the scuffle. Other witnesses even said that they heard Keegan screaming to let him go after being slammed to the ground.

The house party which Keegan was throwing was also a fund raiser for three charities. He notes “The poice chief knew about it. I employed five off duty officers.”

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