Demi Lovato Returns With Her “Skyscaper” Single


Aside from divorce, comeback is another rising trend among young Hollywood stars today. The latest to join the returnee-roll-call is Disney’s Demi Lovato.

Lovato, who has just stepped out from rehab, is back and fighting with her comeback single “Skyscraper”. The song is a tribute to her personal battle with her own demons. “Don’t ever try to tear me down/ I will be risin’ from the ground/ Like a skyscraper/ Don’t wanna make the same mistakes/ Ya’ll better start listenin’/ Like a skyscraper I’m a new building…”.

The 18-year-old Camp Rock star made headlines last year after a controversial altercation with one of her dancers and subsequently cancelling her stint in the Jonas Brothers’ Live in Concert. She made another surprising news when her rep announced that the Sonny with a Chance actress is checking into rehab to deal with bipolar disorder.

Lovato, who onced dated Joe Jonas, completed her inpatient treatment on January 28, 2011. She has went back to work since. In an exclusive post-rehab interview with news anchor Robin Roberts, the musician actress confirmed reports of the altercation and has apologized to the dancer. She also acknowledged that she has sought treatment for Bulimia, self-injury, and Bipolar Disorder.

Welcome back girl.

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