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Is Justin Timberlake Back Together with Jessica Biel?


Here is another actor who seems to have all his ducks in a row, not only does he have a successful acting and singing career, he also knows how to manage and invest his earnings wisely by acquiring real estate properties and dabbling into reviving a social networking site.

It seems the only thing lacking in his life is a successful relationship.

Maybe this is the reason why Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are reportedly being seen often together these days – to give their relationship ‘another shot’.

After all, Justin and Jessica were together for four years.

As a source told Us magazine, “They’ve been quietly seeing each other again. They have been talking the whole time and decided to give it another shot. Jessica really wanted to get back together with him and Justin realized single life is not what it’s cracked up to be.”

The source adds: “They’re just spending time together and taking things slowly.”

The pair was recently spotted enjoying a plate of pork tacos at the Black Hoof restaurant in Toronto on July 3.

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