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Indonesian Potter Fans Cursed Government For No Show


The entire world is now getting ready for the much anticipated second part of the last epic series of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The famous film premiered in UK last Thursday wherein thousands of fanatics eve camped out for days just to witness the movie. The movie will have its worldwide premiere on July 15 but sad to say, Indonesia isn’t going to have it shown. Angry fans went out cursing their government for such an unfortunate event.

For them, their government didn’t give them care at all. Everything started when their government began to collect taxes from the movie makers based on box-office earnings. High grossing movies would most likely be paying much. This issue has been reason for the boycott of movies in the country last February up to the present days. Motion Picture Association (MPA) which is representing US studios such as Warner Bros, the maker of Potter movies, didn’t agree with such system and boycott the country with their movies. Since then, the Indonesians were not able to witness blockbusters including “Black Swan”, “True Grit” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”.

The protest of the MPA lead to a creation of the Indonesian government of a new tax regime last month. Instead of basing it on box-office earnings, they will be charging it by minute. However, the edition of the tax regime, didn’t guarantee the showing of the latest Potter movie.

“It looks likely that Harry Potter will not be screened here,” Indonesian Cinema Companies Union head Djonny Sjafruddin told AFP. “How can it be shown here if the dispute between the film producer and the government is not solved yet? Maybe once the problem is solved, we can have a chance of watching it later this year,” he added.

Indonesian fans who were even planning to watch the movie in witch costumes were so frustrated. “I’m a very angry witch. I will cast a ‘Crucio’ curse on the government and torture them for failing to bring the film in,” said 19 year old Soraya Assagaf. “Crucio” is one of the curses in the film that inflicts excruciating pain on its victims.

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