Hrithik Roshan: “You Need to Accept Criticism with a Smile”


Hrithik Roshan is probably one of the few level-headed fellows in Bollywood. It takes a lot to get him to react negatively to criticism or heckling. Instead of being defensive or angry about being criticized, he deals with the criticism head on and strives to do better the next time. Maybe this is why his career is thriving.

One such instance, one of his followers, who is known to post abusive messages at celebrities, called Hrithik a ‘dumba$$’ in response to an interview that was put up online. Instead of banning the abusive critic, as other celebrities do, the actor re-tweeted the message and said, ‘Am trying. Will try harder…love.’

Hrithik reasons out, “There are some people who might not say things that you like. Some might be a little too harsh. But how you choose to react to a situation is completely in your hands. I am a very non-reactive person that way. It is very hard to get me to react harshly to anybody.”

The actor adds, “It hurts, but that doesn’t mean that you hurt people back. Nor do I think that fighting or getting angry solves any problem. One needs to think logical when you want to solve a problem.”

Hrithik’s wise words, “You need to accept criticism with a smile. People criticize you because they love you and they want you to do better. If you want to do well in life this is one thing that you must take positively. Criticism has always prompted me to strive better and outdo myself.”

Sooo good-looking and yet still so down-to-earth.

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