‘The Situation’ Being Sued by Former Managers for $1Million


Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino may soon find himself embroiled in a long-drawn ‘legal situation’ after his former managers filed a breach of contract suit against him seeking repayment of about $1 Million.

According to the lawsuit filed by Gotham NYC, Sorrentino terminated their services without giving them the requisite 30-day notice as stipulated in their management contract.

Gotham was with Sorrentino since 2009. It was also the same year ‘Jersey Shore’ premiered on television with ab master ‘The Situation’.

For his part, Sorrentino said he dropped Gotham NYC for their “lack of performance”. Sorrentino’s reps have also issued a statement claiming this lawsuit “is filled with lies and falsities that will be proven false in court.”

Gotham of course denies this allegation of ‘lack of performance’ and in their suit they allege they elevated Sorrentino’s Hollywood and TV career “from relative obscurity to become an international celebrity.”

Personally, I do not even understand why Jersey Shore is such a ‘hit’. I would rather watch The Kardashians anytime than these shallow wanna-bes acting like they are real ‘celebrities’

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