Hollywood Going Loco for Indian Food


After people got wind that Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise chose to order a take-away of his favorite Indian food of chicken tikka, black lentils, aloo gobi and naan, than endure the in-flight food from U.K. of rubbery omelet and bacon lumps pretending to be bacon strips, more are coming out to swear by the delicious Indian cuisine they prefer to restaurant ‘usuals’.

Apparently, this is not the first time that a Hollywood ‘heavyweights’ have done something like that. According to reports, Hollywood’s hottest couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had once chosen to forego a meal at a posh London restaurant for a local curry house for a pre-BAFTA awards meal.

Well-known actors like Robert Pattinson, Pierce Brosnan, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Hilary Swank and even the late Michael Jackson also reportedly share a liking for Indian food.

Even politicians like former US President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama are said to be fond of the chicken tikka, naan and daal, as well.

Chef Kedar Bobde, executive Sous chef reasoned out, “Hollywood stars prefer tikka as it is a healthier option and high on protein, whereas dal makhani and naan makes one feel heavy on consumption.”

Chef Prashant Tikadia agrees totally, saying, “Chicken tikka is popular for its smoky aroma and juicy in texture. Naan resembles freshly baked bread rolls, but it’s a softer and richer version. Dal makhni too is full of flavour and smooth in texture. What also works for these dishes is that they are not spicy and do not leave an after-taste.”

Regardless of the nutritional value, I’d still go for beef takka or kebab.

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