Shalani Soledad Will Reveal if “Willing Willie” Will Still Air on TV5 After its Suspension


Velenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad is going to be a guest on TV5’s “Paparazzi” this afternoon.

The co-host of “Willing Willie” is also expected to share to the awaiting public if the popular yet controversial television game show will still air on TV5, continue to be on a suspended status or totally be stopped after it got entangled with an alleged “child abuse” controversy.

“Willing Willie” went on suspension after it got entangled in a controversy that led to the investigation of the MTRCB.  The whole controversy stems from an episode of the game show wherein a young boy was caught crying while dancing an erotic move for P10,000.  The video of the said episode was shared on social networking sites and elicited different reactions.  Willie Revillame, host of the show was accused of “child abuse” after he allegedly humiliated the child.

Shalani Soledad previously shared that she is optimistic that the show will be vindicated and that Willie Revillame will eventually clear his name from all the accusations.  She expressed further that she hopes that the show will still air after it self-imposed a suspension.  One of her birthday wishes said online sources is for “Willing Willie” to return on air.

Shalani Soledad is going to celebrate her birthday on April 27.

Let us see if Shalani is going reveal on “Paparazzi” the fate of “Willing Willie.”

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