Four Azkals Accused of Gang Rape


The Philippine Azkals are football’s poster boys in a country where a basketball court can be found in almost every street and corner. Their 4-0 victory against Sri Lanka really brought the country to its feet to finally take notice and consider football as a potential sports gold mine.

Up until recently, the Azkals are the new sports heroes in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, their good name and stellar reputation have been put into question by news that four of the Azkals have figured into a gang-rape controversy.

Azkals members Neil Etheridge (goalkeeper), Simon Greatwich (midfielder), Anton del Rosario (defender), and Jason Sabio (defender) are being accused of raping a Filipina in the house of their team manager, Dan Palami.

The information was supposedly sent to media members by a reporter who wanted to confirm the rumor stemming from an email from Paul Weiler, a German national who introduced himself as a former consultant of Philippine Football Federation (PFF).

In the said e-mail, published as-is on, Weiler wrote , “Players Anton del Rosario, Jason Sabio and especially Simon Greatwich were involved and recorded the incident also via video cam (Jason Sabio was the one holding camera). Neil Etheridge and his very best friend Simon Greatwich did rape the woman and it seems happened in a villa/house of general manager Dan Palami (who seems not know about what happened in his house and was not there). ‘Master mind’ of this sex violence idea seems Anton del Rosario .. so far I know he did not rape the woman but pushed the others to do it.”

Weiler claims that his sole intention was to warn the authorities about the issue.

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  2. concern citizen says:

    credible ba yang girl na nagcclaim na victim? please, mag background check. i happen to know this girl eh eeew, para lang talaga sumikat lahat gagawin!!! please, baka yun azkals vinetsin nia just to get them laid. argh.

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  4. nigel cortez says:

    tsk tsk tsk iba talaga tayo. pag namumunga ka saka ka babatuhin ng babatuhin.


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