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Lady Gaga Still Going to India – But not for a concert


Lady Gaga is really determined to honor the commitment she made to visit her fans in India – concert or no concert, her people said the Lady is coming.

The representatives of the international pop singer confirmed that she will be coming for a promotional tour no matter what.

According to one of her reps, “India is an important market for Gaga and a promotion tour has been planned in the coming months. It’s one of the countries she has been personally keen on visiting. It’s also one of the main reasons they have been working with Indian musicians on remixes of tracks from the new album.”

If you will remember an earlier article I wrote, there is still no plan for a live performance by Lady Gaga in India because apparently event organizers are not willing to bankroll her concert for fear of not being able to recoup investments because of the singer’s ‘sky-high’ asking price.

So, her reps are now saying that the star might still make a high profile visit to the country despite not having a concert schedule.

They also want to clarify that a concert in India is not really dependent on the fees, as Indian organizers have been insinuating.
As a rep said, “…We haven’t even started looking into the live performance element yet as an LG (Lady Gaga) is the biggest traveling show in the world right now and needs proper planning and production and is not just dependent on the fees.”

Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s personal manager, also shared the same sentiment when asked for a comment. “We are not aware of any negotiations that have taken place with local promoters, but are looking forward to the promotional trip to India.”

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