Accused Azkals Deny Rape Accusation


Rumors that four Azkal members gang-raped a Filipina have caused such a commotion that local entertainment sites, social networking sites and even local media outlets have been swamped with reports and ‘versions’ of the same news item. tried to get in touch with the ‘source’ of the allegation, German national, Paul Weiler, through his Facebook account but he has yet to reply to the private message sent to him.

In the meantime, Azkals Jason Sabio and Simon Greatwich who were implicated in the gang-rape incident had these to say (as published on the ABS-CBN news website):

Jason Sabio said, “I’ve heard a lot of rumors and speculations, that this person (Weiler) is trying to get back at the team because we had a fallout while we were in Germany.

“I don’t know the full story, they’re all just rumors.”

Simon Greatwich, on the other hand, is disappointed that people are trying to bring the team down.

In PEP’s interview with Anton del Rosario, he said that their management is currently investigating the issue.

The Azkals Team Manager, Dan Palami appeared in a live interview with GMA News and said, “I can’t take action if the only basis is the internet. It’s unfortunate that the boys have to face a controversy like this, but our main focus remains on our game vs. Kuwait.”

Palami supposedly owned the resthouse / villa where the rape incident took place.

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