Shah Rukh Khan is 4th Indian to have 1 million Followers


Shah Rukh Khan has officially become a millionaire – a Twitter millionaire that is.

The 45-year old actor is the fourth Indian to have 1 Million followers and he joins the ‘illustrious’ league with the likes of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, author-politician Shashi Tharoor and actress Priyanka Chopra.

Khan reaching the 1-millionth mark can be considered forthcoming, as he managed to generate over 10,000 followers on Twitter within the first 24 hours of his joining the micro-blogging site last year.

Now, Bollywood has another Twitter millionaire in Khan who has created another record by being only the second actor to cross the one-millionth mark.

Naturally, it was also via Twitter that Shah Rukh shared his elation over the achievement. Khan tweeted, “Celebrating the million mark by watching Bambi with my daughter. Feeling the warmth…thanx all. Love u,”

For the record, it was only last month that Chopra became the first Bollywood actress to have over a million followers on Twitter.

Other Bollywood celebrities who are in the running for the 1 million mark are: Amitabh Bachchan with 8,97,659 followers and actor Salman Khan with 8,17,568 followers.

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  1. Al Bagari says:

    Shah Rukh Khan is deserve to 1 million followers because famous he was it! Me fan of him!

  2. Mummy Ninja says:

    Saw this guy on TV yesterday! Wow! He looks like Elvis Presley of our time! hahahaha!


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