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Twilight’s Prom Hotel Caught Fire


Twihards, brace yourself. Edward and Bella’s prom hotel caught fire over the weekend.

The View Point Inn's blazing roof

The View Point Inn's blazing roof

The View Point Inn, where Twilight’s prom scene was filmed, burst into flames on Sunday. Twilight is a major franchise which stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The prom scene was shot for the first instalment of the film series.

The historic Corbett, Oregon hotel suffered major damage in the three-alarm fire. Several fire squads responded to the blazing hotel fire on Sunday. The fire occurred hours before the hotel was supposed to host a wedding.

The fire, which was declared an accident, ravaged through the hotel’s roof, attic and third floor. The first and second floors were damaged by the water and smoke.

There were no injuries reported. The theory to the cause of fire was the sparks from the hotel’s chimney.

Tom Layton, the fire chief for the fire chief for the Multnomah County Fire Department was dispatched to the fire at 11:49 a.m. Their fire department was one of the four companies to respond to the blaze. Despite the damage, Layton said that the building “appears to be structurally sound.”

Geoff Thompson, the inn’s owner and operator has been asking for assistance to rehabilitate the hotel saying “I can’t do it by myself.” On The View Point Inn website, there is a page where visitors can donate to restore the structure.

The historic landmark, since being featured in the film, has become a destination spot for fans of the movie.

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