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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Have The Last Stand


It has been months since Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in the headlines of several entertainment portals for his divorce with long time wife Maria Shrivers. These issues somewhat put his acting career on hold and a lot of speculations came out about his next possible project.

Now he’s finally back! He will start shooting his Western film “The Last Stand” in September. The deal was completed just a few days ago and Schwarzenegger will push through the project as planned. He will be working with Korean director Kim Jee-woon who will have his English speaking skills tested. “It’s an old-fashioned Western specifically designed for a 63 year-old broken-down guy with a moral decision…We always needed an iconic figure for it,” according to a movie executive who told industry website Deadline Hollywood. “I can tell you from The Expendables it was electrifying when Arnold came on. He is still a big piece of news,” he further stated. “It’s a property which a zillion directors fell in love with: the good, the bad, the weird,” the movie executive added.

He will play the role of a small town sheriff tasked with capturing an escaped cartel leader. The role that was first offered to Liam Neeson. However, the latter delayed the signing that’s why studio Lionsgate decided to have Schwarzenegger instead.

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