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Ed Norton Considers Bourne Legacy Villain Role


Two words for Bourne’s next film: total revamp! With a new director, a new protagonist or lead actor, and a new subject to focus on, it is worth waiting out in the big screens for. But there’s more to look forward, too. Hollywood has been abuzz with the news that the antagonist role maybe portrayed by no less than Ed Norton, the actor famous for movies such as Red Dragon, Fight Club, and The Incredible Hulk.

Much risk is at hand with the reboot of The Bourne Legacy, removing Matt Damon and introducing Jeremy Renner in this new phase of the Jason Bourne movies. But it still has an epic following from previous successes, the sustainment of which heavily depends on the next installment of the Bourne series. They have, as many film critics would agree, big shoes to fill, but with such a possible neat casting such as this, they might be able to meet and exceed expectations.

Directed by Tony Gilroy, the new movie is said to highlight the life or story of another agent. Shooting is aimed during fall season. Equally refreshing to note is that the main character’s love interest for this upcoming film is the ethereally beautiful Rachel Weisz, famous for movies like The Mummy Series. The action in Bourne universe’s latest installment can certainly use a lovely face like that. Such changes in the cast have been reported after the old director of the previous three films explicitly declared that he no longer had plans to direct the succeeding films in the Bourne franchise.

Some die-hard Bourne fans oppose the dramatic changes being made to the Bourne movie franchise, citing that there cannot be a Bourne movie without Matt Damon. But other equally epic movies somehow survived actor changes such as in superhero movies like Batman and Superman. Also, the new movie is supposed to be more of a tangent, spin off story than really following the main lines of the previous three epic films.

August 2012 just got more interesting!

While this can be one of the biggest movie projects of his career, Ed Norton is not a newbie in playing the evil role. He had previously played villain in the movie The Italian Job. This American actor, screenwriter, film director and producer may be born for Bourne’s villain role after all.

But no confirmation can be made yet until the negotiation is over.

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