Lady Gaga Cancels India Tour


Pop sensation Lady Gaga has taken India off of her tour map.
The singer was supposed to fly to India after her concert in Singapore, but unfortunately negotiations for the India leg of her tour did not fall into place. The main culprit: money.

Reports have it that the ‘Born this Way’ singer was not happy with the money being offered to her to do the concert in India. Sources say Lady Gaga was expecting double the amount money the Indian organizers were offering her. When the organizers did not dangle the expected offer the Indian trip fizzled out.

According to a source who was part of the Indian negotiation team, “Representatives of Lady Gaga’s management company were negotiating with us. Considering the fact that she’s considered the number one female pop star in the world right now, they were looking at a huge amount. But we have learned our lessons from earlier tours of Shakira and the Iron Maiden,we know that Indian audience at large are not bothered about Lady Gaga. They’d rather shell out Rs 5000 to see a Shah Rukh Khan than Lady Gaga.

“Investing Rs15 crore on the Lady Gaga tour of India would not get us proper returns. Simply put she doesn’t have too many fans out here to create the frenzy or the hype,”

The source added, “We told her team that it won’t be possible for us to host her in either Mumbai, Delhi or any other place as there is no audience. They stopped negotiating after the initial meetings, and we got the idea that she was not interested any more. Other event management companies experienced this too.”

Shailendra Singh, owner of another event management company said to be vying to bring Lady Gaga to perform in the Sunburn Festival in Goa, shared, “I don’t think Lady Gaga’s tour is happening for us. The humongous amounts that these international artists charge does not make business sense to us.”

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