Dr.Vicky Belo All Set to Marry Hayden Kho


It seems like there is no stopping the love-crazed doctor from marrying ‘the man of her dreams’. They have been through cheating incidents, a very public scandal and a trial separation of sorts, but Vicky Belo seems not to mind anything and everything about Hayden Kho – be it scandals, intrigues and public humiliation. All she sees is a man who said he loves her more than ever for standing by him in his toughest hour.

Vicky’s kids have always been against the relationship, especially Vicky’s eldest son, Quark, who is roughly the same age as Kho.

Quark even gave a very stern warning to Hayden, that if he hurts his mother again, he ‘would kill him’. Quark’s reasons are well-founded. Kho cheated on his mother several times, he disrespected women by video-taping them without their knowledge, he dragged Vicky’s name and her clinic’s to various scandals and law suits — and Quark said he does not like the idea of his mother marrying someone the same age as he is.

In his last interview, he said he will not attend his mother’s wedding and that it is the very reason he is planning to leave for and live in the United States.

If I were Quark I probably would have felt the same way and said the same thing.

On the other hand, Crystalle Henares, Vicky’s daughter, has been avoiding the issue altogether. It seems she is still in denial that all this is happening, that her mother is set to marry a man they would rather not have in their lives.

In an interview with Korina Sachez, Vicky had this to say to Crystalle (and maybe to Quark as well), “I’m so sorry. My happiness is causing you so much unhappiness. I’m really sad.”

In Vicky’s eyes, Hayden has changed for the better after all the things he went through because of his indiscretions. She said she would gladly go through all of it again if it’s the only way for Hayden to change… to mature.

But should she really marry him? I think they should just remain ‘engaged’ or committed to each other. She does not need to marry him if all she needs is the assurance that he will be loyal to her. He can be loyal and committed if he really wants to, can’t he?

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