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Chris Evans Uncomfortable in Captain America Costume


New Hollywood superhero Chris Evans did not enjoy wearing his ‘Captain America’ costume, well at least in the ‘First Avenger’ movie.

Evans said he did not even bother asking if he could keep the iconic red, white and blue costume because aside from it being uncomfortable, he understands that it might be needed for re-shoots.

He said: “I did not get to keep any of the costumes, unfortunately. Because of a lot of times on films you have to go back and do re-shoots, and if they don’t have the suit available, we’re in trouble. And no, they were not comfortable.”

In the planned sequel however, ‘The Avengers’, which will have Captain America teaming up with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris’ costume gets to be more comfortable and ‘modern’.

Evans had this to say, “In The Avengers the suit is much more slick, it’s modern. There is a lot of range of motion and it makes those fight sequences a lot easier. It looks fantastic.”

Maybe then, he will ask if he could keep the costume and role-play in the privacy of his home.

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