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Anne Curtis Will Not Sue Cathay Pacific over Her Lost Ring


Kapamilya actress and television show host Anne Curtis said that she has no plans of suing Cathay Pacific after she lost her ring during a flight.

The “Showtime” host said during a press conference of her upcoming movie:

“For me kasi, the only reason I would take action is if they didn’t do their part. But they did, they reached out to me, their country manager, a British man, made an effort to apologize. He wasn’t in the country when it happened but they said that they were terribly sorry.”

Anne furthered that the airline company will compensate for the lost ring.  The ring is worth $600, a gift Anne gave to herself after all her hardwork.  She said that she appreciate the efforts of the airline company of taking action over her concern.

“Although they won’t replace the ring itself, just the value of the ring. Papalitan naman nila,” she furthered.

Anne Curtis reportedly disembarked from the aircraft where she left her bag with the ring inside.  However, when she returned half and hour later, all that was left was the box where the ring was placed.

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  1. Alie says:

    wow i can’t believe she attempted to sue cathay pacific for a lost ring! hello anne that’s what happen when you don’t take your bag with you… i lost my lap top at the airport you don’t see me suing airlines…ah the life style of the rich and famous…


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