Hugh Hefner: Crystal Never Really Loved Me


Hugh Hefner is speaking about his split with former fiancée Crystal Harris for the first time on TV since she called off their supposed wedding.

Hef was a guest of Piers Morgan where he said his relationship with Harris “had run its course and she didn’t really love me.”
Really, Hef, you think?

I mean I just have to say it as plainly as I see it. Maybe Crystal ‘cared’ for Hef, or even ‘loved’ him to a certain extent, I think he really is an affable guy — I would give Crystal that.

But she was definitely not in love with him the way any ‘normal’ 20-something year old is in love with someone her age or thereabouts. A 15 to 20-year age gap is probably something couples can turn a blind eye to, but a 60-year age gap between couples, who are supposed to be so in much in love with each other to want to get married, is just too much to ignore.

I mean come on, show of hands if there is anyone here who believes that Anna Nicole Smith was in love with wheelchair-bound oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall, that is why she married him in haste?

And, we are not talking about a granddaughter’s love for a grandpa kind of love, it is the married kind of love – yes, the sexual kind. I don’t see anyone’s hands raised.

So, Hef wake up and smell the roses! Yeah, maybe you should just smell them instead of believing you can sow, nurture and pick them come springtime.

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