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Prostitute Fined $820,000 for Tax Evasion


prosEven prostitutes need to pay taxes. This of course on a country that legalizes prostitution.

It is reported that in Warsaw, Poland, a woman is being fined by the tax office for failing to pay taxes that has reached at least 13.7 million zlotys or $820,000.

Authorities discovered her tax evasion activities she told people at the tax collection bureau in Katowice that she had very “generous” patrons that one of them once even paid her 5 million zlotys from 1997-2002.

I am also wondering if these prostitutes need to issue receipt to customers after consuming their orders and customers need also to pay value-added-tax? LOL!

Maybe the BIR needs to tax prostitutes too in order to reach their tax collection goals…Wahahahha!

What do you think of prostitutes being required to pay taxes?  Share your thoughts.

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