Girls’ Generation Fan Hits Jackpot Through Investing In SM Entertainment


With his die-hard appreciation for Girls’ Generation or also known as So Nyeo Shi Dae in South Korea, a middle-aged male fan invested in the entertainment company where Girls’ Generation belongs to and gained much more than what he initially invested.

In a recent post entitled, ‘Thinking of Girls’ Generation, Investing in SM for 3 years. Confirmation of Profit’, a samchon (uncle) fan took a picture of the graphic representation of his account shares worth 920 won and the present value of his shareholdings.

As of the present, SME’s stock has escalated to 26,000 won, with the purchase price closing near 22 million won.The fan’s present stock’s value is currently estimated at approximately $650,000. An investment with SM Entertainment assures stakeholders with a return rate of 2791.30%.

This netizen wrote, “When it hits exactly one billion won, I want to liquidate it.” He explained, “It could fall down or go up, I believe it will go up more. It’s the hardest when the temptation to sell the stock comes to me, but I keep holding on and holding on.”

He went on, “Even now I calculate my living costs and live saving my money. Till the day I sell the stock, I won’t consider it my own money.”

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    This is one of the most poorly-written articles I’ve ever read in my life! What a disgrace. Please hire native speakers of English to pen your stories and news articles.


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