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May-December Couple Doug Hutchinson and Courteney Stodden Reveals Their Side Of The Story


The very controversial couple 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson and his barely legal wife, the 16-year-old Courteney Stodden set the records straight about the legality of their Las Vegas marriage and the circumstances following their May- December love affair.

In their interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, the LOST actor Hutchinson and his very young wife,aspiring singer-actress Courteney Stodden air their side of the coin and revealed how the tow of them fell in love and how it wasn’t ans is still isn’t easy for them to love each other without anyone raising a brow.

Hutchinson revealed that he first met his wife Courteney was thru business dealings and his association with her at first was strictly for professional reasons.

“At first, [the relationship] was just really about business,” he said. “Totally innocent,” she said.

Their relationship began when Stodden was looking for opportunities to make it big in the industry and started an e-mail correspondence with Hutchinson when she learned that the actor was conducting some acting workshops.

The aspiring actress and her then future husband kept corresponding while they are miles apart.Hutchinson in Hollywood whereas Stodden was residing in Washington state.

Hutchinson revealed that it was Stodden who initiated the first move toward something more than any ordinary e-mail.

“Did I?” Stodden responded with a laugh. “Yeah,” confirmed Hutchison, “she was being very flirtatious.” (Stodden explained, “Well come on, he’s so handsome.”)

Despite establishing the fact that these couple-who are old enough to be father and daughter, are in love,legitimize their relationship and so on, brings a doubt as to the legality of their marriage as the bride is not of legal age.


For all the time that both are in correspondence, Hutchison sensed “a struggle inside my heart … because I had already started falling for her.”

He immediately called her mother and made his intention come across, ?”I said, Krista, I don’t know if you know this or not, but your daughter and I are falling in love. … If you and [Courtney’s father, Alex Stodden] have any misgivings whatsoever about this … I will respect you, and Courtney will respect you. And we will step back.”

The parents, GMA reports, were not that naive not to know the currents between Doug and their daughter Courteney.They have come into terms that their daughter looks and thinks matured than her actual age.

According to GMA, “?Beneath the beauty, her parents said, is a deeply Christian girl.” Krista and Alex gave their blessing to the marriage.

?”I was a virgin,” said Courtney. “I knew that if I kept that, I would really be blessed with a beautiful gift. And God did. He blessed me with my soulmate. So I’m really thankful for that.”

The marriage will work, she predicts, because “I’m an old soul.”

‘Yeah,” insisted her husband, “I always joke with Courtney that one of the reasons we worked is ’cause she’s 16 going on 36, and I’m 51 going on 21.”

And while public condemnation of their marriage has been wide and loud, “it’s okay,” insists Hutchison. “I’ve been called worse than a pedophile in my life.” ?

The couple is by far hurt with all the negative things said about their relationship and what hurts most are those criticisms and backlashes they both receive from the people whom they expect to understand and support them.

Doug has been dumped by his agent and his manager in his own devices and his brother and mother cut off their ties with him.

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