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Casey Anthony a Free Woman


With almost everyone highly convinced that she is guilty of killing her 2-year old daughter Caylee Anthony, are any of the streets of the United States safe for Casey Anthony?

If we were to base it on the public uproar the people had when the jury’s ‘not guilty’ verdict was announced and the shouts of ‘baby killer’ from hundreds who came to see her walk out of the front door of the Orange County Booking and Release Center in Orlando, Florida, Casey Anthony ought to reconsider if jail would be a safer place for her to stay.

According to a photog selected by the jail to witness her release, she had a look of relief on her face and even managed to smile.

After spending 997 days in jail, which negated the four years of imprisonment she was sentenced to for lying to investigating authorities, Casey Anthony walked out of jail and into a gray SUV, with her lawyer, Jose Baez.

There were no reported sightings of her mother or father and her lawyers refused to disclose where she was headed. One thing is for sure, she might not be headed home. A few days before her release, her mother wanted to pay her a visit, but Casey Anthony adamantly refused to even see her.

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