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Ashley Cole Had Tryst With Three Women While Wooing Cheryl


Oh, oh… I can hear Derek Hough telling Cheryl Cole, ‘See? I told you so!’

Weeks back, I wrote about how Derek Hough was said to be advising Cheryl Cole not to get back with ex-husband Ashley Cole because he will only break her again with his philandering ways. Looks like, the ‘prophecy’ is turning out to be true.

At least ( there could be more? Geez…) three girls are set to come out with claims that they enjoyed recent ‘liaisons’ with the Chelsea footballer, Ashley Cole, around the same time he was trying to woo Cheryl to get back with him – he is even said to have purchased a very big diamond bauble.

One o the three women is said to be a 29-year-old Virgin Atlantic stewardess, who claims she spent the night with Cole only a few weeks ago at a mansion he had rented in Beverly Hills.

The pretty stewardess, who is British, is said to be ready to come out in public with her claims and has even contacted publicist Max Clifford to help break her story to the media.

A source close to her said, “She was with Ashley a few times, the most recent was just a couple of weeks ago.”

Another friend of the stewardess said: “She had no idea Ashley was in the process of getting back with Cheryl and was horrified when she found out. She would never have gone near him had she known. She feels really bad for Cheryl.”

The other two girls are said to be bikini models Cole met in Hollywood.

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