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Cheryl Cole Wants Ashley to Drop Chelsea and Settle in LA with Her


I don’t know what ‘love drug’ Cheryl Cole is on but she is definitely defying every piece of sound and logical advice being thrown at her by her friends and people who have her interest in mind.

Or maybe, she really is just not into reading all the reports and write-ups about her philandering husband’s ways. Cheryl, I know you should not believe everything being written about you, Ashley or your impending reconciliation, but as they say, “when there is smoke, there is fire.”

Anyway, Cheryl seems really determined to rekindle her romance with her ex-husband and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole that she has given him an ‘ultimatum’ of sorts. He did after all say that he will do virtually anything to get her back.

So, she has asked him to dump his contract with Chelsea and move to Los Angeles if he wants to settle down with her.

A source said, “Cheryl has told Ashley that her plan is to work on her solo music in the United States.”

“She says that if he wants to be with her, he would have to be prepared to break his £1,20,000-a-week deal with Chelsea and play for an American team instead.

The source adds, “Ashley has told her he would do virtually anything for her but this could be asking a little too much. He is still at the peak of his game, it would be career suicide for him to move to the US at this stage.”

Awww… sorry Cheryl, it seems Ashley loves Chelsea more. He can after all get any girl he wants with the money Chelsea is paying him.

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