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Chris Evans Reluctant to Accept Role as Captain America


While others would kill and sell their souls just to get as big of a break in Hollywood as the 6-picture movie contract Chris Evans signed up for – playing a Marvel superhero at that, Evans himself said he was reluctant at first to accept the role of Captain America.

Evans is actually no stranger to the superhero bit, he played Johnny Storm / Human torch in both ‘Fantastic Four’ movies, but he admitted he was scared of the would-be demands on his privacy and physique of his being ‘Captain America’.

He admitted he went into therapy prior to signing on the dotted line, saying he knows that he has to have his head on straight if he is going to make the commitment to the franchise that could spread over ten years, the way the Harry Potter movies did.

Evans told Access, “It was one of the things where I said, ‘Listen, if I’m going to do this, I’ve got to get my head right…I struggle a lot with interviews like this — even talking about this. I’m surprised I haven’t had a meltdown yet! But you know, it’s not like we had some big breakthroughs in therapy where we both wept — it’s just nice to vocalize things that you’re dealing with.”

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