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Japan Earthquake News: Pokeman and Hello Kitty Creators Satoshi Died During Quake?


Certainly, the magnitude 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan last Friday was strong enough to topple buildings and structures and send fear down our spines.

Tsunami waves as high as 33 feet hit the shores of Sendai City and other neighboring towns.  The tsunami waves even reached as far as Hawaii and some states in the US.

Nuclear reactors in Fukushima also failed threatening a nuclear meltdown.

Hundreds of people are feared dead while thousands are estimated missing.  Relief and rescue efforts are already underway with different countries helping Japan.  Even Lady Gaga launched a relief effort by selling bracelets online.

However, rumors also surfaced on Twitter over the alleged death of the famous Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri.  The Twitter hoax says:

“The creator of Pokemon died today in the #tsunami, #Japan. RIP: Satoshi Tajiri. #prayforjapan”


The 45-year old resident of Machida, Japan strongly denied any truth to the malicious online rumor.  He said on his Facebook account:

“Dear Hummingbirds, what’s this nonsense about me being dead? Also, I don’t work at Nintendo Japan, I’m the CEO of Game Freak (everybody is fine). More importantly, if you can, help Japan.”

Aside from Satoshi, the creator of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi, was the object of the death hoax.

Reports in Japan though indicate no evidence that Yamaguchi died during the magnitude 8.9 quake.


Photo credit: gamingunion.com

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