Entourage Season 8 Premiers


The Entourage is now gonna hug it out for the last time.

The Season 8 premiere of the series Entourage was held Tuesday night, July 19 at the Beacon Theatre, New York City.

Lead Actors of Entourage at the Season 8 Premier

Lead Actors of Entourage at the Season 8 Premier

The guys — Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara; suited up whereas the ladies — Emmanuelle Chriqui and Perrey Reeves, dressed up. Also present were executive producer Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham.

Earlier that day, the five lead actors were at the Today show to talk about the final season.

The show has been running for the last seven years and the stars will surely miss everyone, cast and crew alike. Here are some of what the stars have to say about their eight-season bond and what their characters are going to get into in their final run.

Emmanuelle Chriqui shares how her three-episode stint ended up being a six-year affair. “When I first got the role it was originally a three-episode arch. It was just, she was going to come in, be this girl that he has a fling with and then see you later… And six years later, here we are!”

Kevin Connoly meanwhile shares how the entire Entourage experience was, “I think it would be impossible to duplicate this experience, it’s just been so unique. You could go on and do ten shows, however many and win Academy Awards, but it will never be as special and unique as this ­- lightning in the bottle.”

Jeremy Piven, on the other hand, hints on what’s going to become of Ari Gold. “You’ll have to find a new word for ‘soft’ to describe where Ari goes this season. I finally got to show Ari Gold’s soul. In the eighth season, I finally get to reveal Ari Gold’s humanity.”

Questions about bringing the series to the big screen are of course inevitable at this point. These are what the cast has to say about it:

Eric Murphy says “We’re going to try really hard to make that happen.”

Piven shares, “It feels like the kind of show that would benefit from opening it up on the big screen.”

Chriqui discloses, “There’s definitely talk about a movie. More than ever. Especially because this season is finishing and season 8 is such a beautiful set up to a film.”

Catch the Season 8 premiere in HBO on Sunday night, July 24.

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