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Justin Bieber Wants a Month to ‘Think, Pray and Grow-up’


If his girlfriend, Selena Gomez just wants to take a day off for her birthday, Justin Bieber wants to go on a month-long break from it all – fame, fortune and chart-topping hits.

Bieber said he just wants to be able to think, pray and just kind of grow-up – all in just a month-long sabbatical.

The teen singing sensation must be so overwhelmed with the monumental success he is enjoying in his music career that he needs some time off to gather his wits and figure out what he wants to do next.

Justin told The Hollywood Reporter, “I’ve been working so hard, I’m taking a month off. It’s been great to just think and enjoy hanging out with my friends.”

At only 17 years old, the chart-topping singer/songwriter has already spent the last three years in the public eye, leaving him with very little time to live his ‘life as a teen’ — something he has requested his mom not to let fame take away.

He shares, “I’m still growing up, and when you’re working every day, you don’t really get a chance to figure out who you are. So with the time off, I’m able to think, pray and just kind of grow up.”

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