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Chris Brown is a Neighbor from Hell


As if being a ‘boyfriend from hell’ is not enough, Chris Brown has now earned for himself yet another moniker – ‘neighbor from hell’.

Brown, whose music career undoubtedly soured after the 2009 beating incident involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna, is now a Los Angeles apartment block’s most unwanted neighbor with residents of the said apartment block complaining about Brown’s inconsiderate tenant behavior.

The neighbors are accusing the 22-year-old R&B singer of not only blasting rap music and partying day and night but also using the two ‘disabled’ bays at the West Hollywood block to park his car.

Brown is also being accused of keeping his racing dogs along hallways at all hours.

The neighbors just could not take it anymore that Police were already informed of Brown’s ‘nightmarish activities’, especially after the initials ‘CB’ was carved on the door of the apartment’s lift.
Annoyed residents have also threatened to drag his car out if he keeps using the disabled bays.

With this kind of inconsiderate behavior, I predict Brown’s career has nowhere to go but down, down, down.

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