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Christopher Schwarzenegger in a Serious Surfing Accident


Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 13-year-old son figures into a serious surfing accident in Malibu last weekend.

The divorcing couple’s youngest son, Christopher, is said to have suffered multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung and had to stay in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for several days.

His condition has only been recently upgraded and doctors say the teenage Schwarzenegger is going to be okay.

According to reports, Shriver and Schwarzenegger, plus their three older children, have come together to watch over Christopher at the hospital as he recovers.

Meanwhile, the divorce battle of the estranged couple rages on, with Arnold responding only recently to Shriver’s divorce petition by asking the court not to award spousal support to Shriver, and requesting that attorney and legal costs be jointly paid.

Let me get this straight, Arnold, you scandalously father a child with the house-help and made Maria the laughing stock of Hollywood and political circles for being the last to know, and you do not even want to pay for the ‘trauma and emotional distress’ you caused her by way of spousal support and legal costs all by yourself? Man, Maria should not have even come near you with a ten-foot pole!

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