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Is Dolly Parton’s Theme Park Anti-Gay?


Dolly Parton herself had previously expressed her support for gay and lesbian marriages, but it seems at least one of her staff at the Dollywood theme park did not get the memo on that one.

The famous ‘Dollywood’ theme park has recently been charged with discrimination after a lesbian visitor was refused entry to the park and was even asked to turn her ‘Marriage is so Gay’ t-shirt inside-out by a security guard.

The incident was quite shocking for the couple, identified as Olivier Odom and Jennifer Tipton, because they said they had hoped to attend the theme park just like any other newly-wed couple.

Odom was quoted as saying, “I was in disbelief. I didn’t think it was the policy of Dollywood to discriminate against the LGBT community. I was curious what he found offensive about the shirt. If it was the fact that it had the word gay on it or that it was in conjunction with the word marriage.”

For Dollywood’s part, its media/PR manager clarified that the incident was all a simple misunderstanding, and merely a consequence of a strict dress code policy being implemented in the theme park.

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  1. Olga Gardo says:

    I visited dolly wood when my daughter was twelve we were about to ride a water ride when my daughter took off her shirt to ride in a bikini top. Immediately she was told to put her shirt back on that it was a family park. My daughter was twelve her bikini top was not revealing.After the ride our car was coming back when a employee said “here comes the stink”. We are a Cuban family reach we assumed was the reason for their rudeness.

  2. Steven Shaw says:

    Saying something is “Gay” has been considered offensive to someone who is Gay.

  3. L Lewis says:

    I commend Dollywood for keeping their park a family friendly park. Quite frankly, I don’t want to expose my children to others lifestyle when THAT person tries to expose MY child to it. I will explain it when I feel it is the time to explain it. I’m tired of others choice of lifestyle being shoved down my throat, regardless of what that lifestyle is.

    • Blondie says:

      AMEN. There are many T’s that SHOULD be outlawed in Public settings. Is it discrimination? no its consideration for EVERYONES feelings.

  4. SHINK says:

    When Christian people call someone out of their sin they aren’t sinning. A christian is asked by God to help their fellow man when they are stumbling for any reason.

    Read in your bible: 1 Corinthians 10:31-33

    So, when a christian points out your stumbling (your sin) it’s not because they are sinning or even being hateful, they are simply calling it out because they actually want you to be aware of your sin in hopes that before it gets too big, you will correct it. If it’s done in hatred then yes, it certainly is sin being committed by the christian and they will have to answer to God for their own sin and attitude.

    When it comes right down to things that each of us has to deal with our actions “should” always be done with respect in regards to the other people around us. Now if it was reversed and a person went into a gay bar let’s say and they were wearing a shirt that said, “Lesbians are so lame” Wouldn’t that be offensive and it would be very disrespectful now wouldn’t it?

    While I don’t agree with your choice of lifestyle (and it is your choice!), please keep your personal life in the bedroom and not on public display, including heterosexuals. No one likes things intentionally shoved in their face. Besides, how is it that gays and lesbians can have an actual family? Yes, you can adopt but this isn’t the natural way. Yes, you might even be able to have in vitro but even still it’s still not the natural biological way to raise a family now is it? So the definition of families for gays and lesbians is a moot point.

    Someone said, it’s not about the t-shirt and your right it’s not about the t-shirt it’s about families and respect for the individuals around you. I feel like they should have known that t-shirt would cause a controversy. This isn’t showing respect! I believe there can be a harmony around us but come people ~ show some ounce of respect! I think the gatekeeper was correct their actions, I just wish more public places would be more active with respect towards all their customers … especially in a family oriented setting. God is teaching me how to be tactful, yet neutral when it comes to this subject matter. I believe God loves all people, but he doesn’t embrace the sin in our lives.

  5. DWorkman says:

    Dollywood is a family park—all families—-but what is written on all shirts can be defensive to all different types of families and as adults we need to consider what is important—-this debate is ridiculous. Each one of us has an opinion or belief and that can offend anyone. If you don’t like procedures that a park or business has than by all means don’t go.

  6. natalie says:

    kudos to dollywood. thank you for showing support for the decency of ‘family parks’ where we do NOT have to tolerate imorality being forced in our face by homosexuals. there is NO excuse for them to expect to be allowed to advertise their lifestyle, especially when they don’t want to hear truth, biblical truth, what God has to say about their chosen lifestyle. i LOVE dollywood & want to see it remain untarnished by the stampede of those that feel they must make a scene for everyone to see that they are gay. we should NOT have to tolerate their outbursts & ‘demands’ for the rest of us to give them praises for their immorality. stand strong dollywood, don’t give in to their demands to turn that wonderful park into a spectical for them. God bless you Dolly!

  7. Daryl says:

    I totally agree with Dollywood enforcing the dress code policy. It seems that when someone gay, black, hispanic….. get offended that the rest of the population must apologize. What about all of us that are not gay, black or hispanic. Why do we always have to change to make others happy.

  8. Bonnie McGuire says:

    What a hippocritical park Dolly Parton should make a statement in support of GLBT community and punnish the employees who did this to the Lesbians. The hottest T shirt in that area is the one they allow it is all over Pigion Forge and Gatlinburg the red necks wear it and it is really offensive,It reads Silly Faggot Dicks are for Chicks. That is what Dolly wood allows.


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