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Spiderman Villain Arrested at Comic-Con


Looks like British actor Rhys Ifans is playing his villain character in the new Spiderman movie to the hilt.

Ifans was arrested and cited for battery at the Comic-Con event on Friday evening – of all places, it had to be at the iconic Comic-con.

He plays the villain Lizard in the latest installment of the Spiderman series, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

San Diego police spokesperson Lt Andra Brown said in a statement, “He was abusive, belligerent and aggressive, and shoved a female security guard.”

Brown also told Reuters that a member of Ifans’ “entourage” did not have proper identification to enter Comic-Con, and this was when the commotion started because Ifans used his hand to push his way past security. She added that Ifans cursed the staff, hurled insults at the United States and loudly complained, “I don’t live here.”

Brown also said Ifans’ breath “smelled like alcohol” although he was not cited for public drunkenness.

Ifans has also starred in numerous films such as ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Little Nicky’ and ‘Pirate Radio’. His career already spans two decades but his Spiderman villain gig can be said to be his biggest Hollywood break by far.

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