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Britney Spears Memorabilia Being Auctioned on eBay


No, Britney has not gone to ‘the poorhouse’ so she really does not need to sell her things yet. The items being auctioned off on eBay are those in the possession on Britney’s ex husband Kevin Federline’s family, particularly his grandfather.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’, among the items up for sale is a hat that Federline wore to an awards show with his then wife Spears.

Then there is also an invitation to one of Spears and Federline’s baby showers and about 14 wedding pictures, some of which are said to have never been seen before publicly or published.

Earl Story, Kevin’s grandfather, has put the items on eBay from K-Fed’s ‘glory days’ with the pop princess, and even posted a message that the auction was solely meant ‘to help fund his retirement’.

The eBay bidding is said to start at $1,000.

Spears and Federline were married back in 2004, but separated and eventually got divorced after two years of togetherness. They have two sons.

According to Grandpa Earl, Kevin has given him the nod to make whatever money he can from the auction of Britney’s memorabilia.

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