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Oprah Hosting Next Year’s Oscars Is Not Yet Confirmed


It always excites everyone on who’s going to host OSCARS every year and now everyone has been eyeing on the most popular and much loved talk show host Oprah. The news just came out from no where and having her to host the event would be such an honor. Everyone knows that she’s a genius when it comes to hosting and when she starts to talking, everyone listens and it’s a guarantee that that there would be no dull moments.

Although she ended her longest running talk show “The Oprah Winfrey Show” last May to run her OWN cable TV network, her fans worldwide are still monitoring her career and keeps on waiting for something big to happen and hosting Oscars is the one that they’re waiting for.

However, Oprah hosting Oscars isn’t final yet. The academy didn’t release any statement that could somehow give a little clue for Oprah to host the show. “Every year there’s always great interest and excitement about who will host the Oscars. This is a wonderful example of just that, and at this point, there is nothing for us to comment on regarding who is or is not on the rumored Oscar host list,” the academy said in statement.

This year’s OSCARS, they chose Anne Hathaway and James Franco in an attempt to lure younger viewers but the it turned out that the telecast became one of the least-watched Academy Awards shows of the past 10 years.

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