Cecilia Cheung Pregnant Amidst Separation


Can it be true that Cantopop singer and actress Cecilia Cheung is carrying soon to be ex-husband Nicholas Tse’s third child?

According to sources, the Hong Kong “sing-girl” actress is two months pregnant. The news on her pregnancy broke out after husband Nicholas Tse reportedly filed for a divorce last June 14, 2011.

Tse, who had stood by his girl during the height of the Edison Chen sex photo scandal last 2008, has reportedly given up on Cheung’s demanding and dramatic ways in their marriage. Furthermore, sources revealed that Tse, despite having forgiven ex-wife’s involvement with the sex scandal, has finally snapped after pictures of Cheung and Chen together in a plane has surfaced. “Tse realized that unconditional sacrifice would not lead to ultimate happiness and divorce was the only right decision,” said a source close to the actor.

The couple who had dated back in 2002 was allegedly embroiled in a custody battle over their children. Cheung insists that she will keep her two sons and even planned to send her boys to Vancouver in case the Tse family will seek custody.

Cheung, who is currently filming for her upcoming movie “The Lion Roars 2”, is suffering from depression. She is scheduled to fly to Milan with son Lucas to take a break from the Hong Kong Paparazzi.

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