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Microsoft Apologizes to Amy Winehouse’s Twitter Fans


Amy Winehouse’s untimely death shocked everyone the world over, but nothing can probably compare to the shock and anger generated by Microsoft’s PR representative for Xbox who took to Twitter just hours after the ‘Rehab’ singer was found dead at her London home – to urge Winehouse’s fans to ‘remember’ her by downloading her ‘Back to Black’ over at Zune.

Twitter followers were enraged and saw through the ‘marketing ploy’ hatched despite the tragedy of Winehouse’s passing — and they too, took to Twitter to bombard the Microsoft page with complaints that the message was “crass” and “vile”.

Executives of Microsoft went on damage control and issued an apology, insisting they had no intention of using the troubled star’s passing as a marketing ploy. (Well, it certainly looked that way to a lot of people, you ought to be ashamed.)

Still, Winehouse’s Grammy Award-winning record shot to the top of the iTunes charts around the world after the news of her death broke out. While sales of the album increased about 37 times in United Kingdom.

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