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Facebook, Twitter and Google as Addictive as Drugs


Users be warned, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and search engine Google were found by a study to be as addictive as drugs and as hard to give up as smoking and alcoholism.

This can really be a cause of concern for parents whose kids have started to make their way on the internet superhighway, especially since according to the study people react like ‘twitchy’ addicts denied of their drugs when forced to give up their access to the Internet and other electronic devices even for just a day.

Like an alcoholic or a chain-smoker, online ‘addicts’ believe that people who are not hooked on the internet, text messaging and instant messaging platforms are boring, anti-social creatures unable to keep up – only this time with technology.

Research firm, Intersperience said, “Giving up technology was considered by some to be as hard as quitting smoking or drinking.”
When Intersperience conducted the new study of people deprived of their online habits, they found out that a full 53 per cent of the 1,000 people surveyed reported feeling ‘upset’ when “deprived of Internet connection.”

The study also revealed that, 40 percent of those people “feel lonely when not able to go online.”

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