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Arnold Schwarzenegger Now Willing to Pay Maria & Attorney


That’s being a good boy, Arnold! At last, you have seen the light and managed to correct the error of your ways (or was it your attorney’s crooked idea not to pay spousal support in the first place?).

Good thing you realized your folly before Maria can reconsider that ‘tell-all’ book deal she was being offered.

So, that was how the (tough) cookie crumbled — Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to amend his divorce filing and has already withdrawn an earlier request that a judge terminate Maria Shriver’s rights to spousal support.

The former California governor and Terminator lead star’s most recent filing replaces the document he submitted last week that also indicated his unwillingness to pay Shriver’s attorney’s fees.

The amended response filed last Monday in Los Angeles now states Schwarzenegger is also willing to pay his estranged wife’s attorney (after all Maria would not have needed a lawyer in the first place if he had not fooled around and fathered a child with the house-helper, forcing her to file for divorce).

Maybe the estranged couple has had a chance to sort things out while watching over their 13-year-old son who remains hospitalized after a recent surfing accident.

It is really sad when it has to take a tragedy to bring an estranged couple together, but at least it led to good developments in their legal battle.

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