Bradley Cooper: I’d Go Back to Bangkok in a Heartbeat


His busy Hollywood schedule notwithstanding, Bradley Cooper still manages to squeeze in a few of his choice travel destinations, as he finds traveling the perfect way to de-stress and engage in his love for meeting people.

But while shooting in Bangkok for ‘Hangover 2’, Bradley sort of hit ‘two birds with one stone’ – he got to travel and work at the same time. He was able to marry his work with leisure, he says.

According to the Hollywood hunk, “Yeah, we had spent Christmas in Chiang Mai (a significant holiday destination in northern Thailand), which is incredible. But I would echo what Todd (Philips, his director) is saying. For me, I just fell in love with Bangkok. We spent two weeks in the resort town and I couldn’t wait to get back to Bangkok,” he says. “I actually took a liking to Top Menu, which was a Chinese Restaurant where I ate a lot in Bangkok.”

Aside from the food, Bradley said it is the people that made the place so dear to him, “That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with Bangkok and would go back in a heartbeat.”

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