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Crystal Harris: Sex with Hef Lasted ‘Two Seconds’


Thank you, Crystal for setting that record straight.

Ever since I first saw ‘Girls Next Door’ I have been wondering if Hugh Hefner, given his advance age, can still perform – for three gorgeous girls at that!

Unable to get straight answers, I just came to the conclusion that the whole ‘playboy image’ of keeping a bevy of girls nearby ready to prance and limbo for him in bed, even at 85 years old, must be ‘just for show’. Turns out it is not. Hef, at his age, still wants to do it.

But boy, two seconds? That is the quickest ‘quickie’ I have ever heard of.

Hef, maybe you should just give up sex entirely, your body just does not have what it takes to give sexual favors anymore. I would hate to write about you collapsing on the floor while having a heart attack because you downed that ‘blue pill’ to keep up and try to please your 20-something housemates. So come on Puffin’, enough already.

For Crystal, I have three words for you, though – shut up already. You called off your wedding, yet Hef let you keep the engagement sparkler plus a Bentley and still kept you on the cover of Playboy – as planned. So, the least you could do is show some gratitude and respect for the man who has been very good to you.

Besides, hasn’t anyone told you that it is not polite to kiss and tell?

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