Judy Ann Santos Loses 27 Pounds


Filipino junior superstar, Judy Ann Santos proves her critics wrong – again.

When Judy Ann announced her pregnancy to her first biological child with husband, Ryan Agoncillo, industry insiders and showbiz kibitzers immediately expressed concern [and probably even placed bets] that she might not be able to get back in shape again, considering her long and agonizing battle with weight loss all throughout her career.

Fast forward to her first commercial after giving birth. Everyone noticed that she has already lost some weight, but not so much as there were still some bulges here and there. At that time she refuses to name the diet she was on, afraid that it might be criticized if she did not lose all the weight she wanted to lose.

Then her latest post-pregnancy commercial aired and boy, has she really lost a lot of weight — Twenty-seven pound and counting.

This time around, she really looked slimmer and her face was not as round as ‘siopao’ anymore.

So now, her diet can be revealed – the Cohen diet. Although she is not an official endorser of the said diet, she gladly shared how it worked for her.

More importantly, since she is a chef, Judy Ann said she found the diet easy to follow as all she had to do was measure her portions and cook her food herself.

(For more on the Cohen diet, please visit their website instead.)

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